Scribido Premier League: Under 16 T10 matches for schools.

Scribido Premier League is a one of a kind T10 Cricket event for the Under-16 school cricket teams in Nashik organised by Scribido Campus. The SPL will be a two day event on the 9th and 11th of December 2013, designed on the lines of the Indian Premier League. School teams from across Nashik will compete in an intense event to seek the coveted title of the ‘Kings Of Cricket’. The motive of this event is to shift the limelight onto the diminishing U-16 cricket scene in Nashik and to give our very own superstars an opportunity to shine.

Scribido Premier League nashik
Scribido Premier League nashik

The 2013 edition of the Scribido Premier League has 8 teams participating from all over Nashik-

1. Podar Warrior (Podar International School)

2. Lawrentian Lions (St. Lawrence High School)

3. WHISards (Wisdom High International School)

4. Ashoka Warriors (Ashoka Universal, Chandsi)

5. FIA Hurricanes (Fravashi International Academy)

6. Barnes Falcons (Barnes School and Junior College)

7. Progressive Thunder (K.N. Kela High School)

8. Ashoka Riders (Ashoka Universal, Wadala)


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