Jagar Manacha nashik

Uttamachya Bhetila (Unite With Excellence) By Jagar Manacha.

“Jagar Manacha” once again brings an opportunity for Nashikites to connect with excellence. This time with a different approach, Jagar Manacha is continuing its work of empowering people to self-lead and achieve excellence in their life. Uttamachya Bhetila (Unite with Excellence), a segment initiated by Jagar Manacha in year 2013, gives our society an opportunity to meet personalities from different fields who have overcome the adversities to achieve their dreams. A twice a year interview event is a great chance to connect youth to their role models and inspire them to achieve their dreams passionately.

Jagar Manacha nashik
Jagar Manacha nashik

Sunday, 8th December, 2013, is the day where Nashikites will explore a personality, Mr. Umesh Zirpe, who set an unconventional example of leadership in front of whole society. Mr. Zirpe is a passionate mountaineer who conquered the Earth’s highest peak Mt. Everest along with his team mates this year. Mr. Zirpe is a personality who believes “If you connect with nature, you can achieve your dreams effortlessly”. He stepped his foot back in need and allowed his team to hoist our flag and take the glory. This attribute of leadership makes him an unconventional leader to follow by today’s young entrepreneurs and amateur leaders.

Evening 6 pm at Shankaracharya Dr. Kurtakoti Hall, Old Gangapur Naka, Gangapur Road, Mr. Shantanu Gune (Founder of Jagar Manacha) will conduct an open interview of Mr. Umesh Zirpe on ‘Principle Centred Leadership). The event is open to all. To support and spread this unique activity, Radio Vishwas has come forward to be the community radio partner. Uttamachya Bhetila (Unite with Excellence) is a platform where youngsters get a chance to be with their role models for 2:30 hrs and explore the journey of excellence. This is an event where today’s young potential will get an opportunity to learn how to make impossible things possible. A unique event planned for the young potential of Nasik to explore dimensions of leadership through thrilling experiences from Mt. Everest Expedition.

Event Details

Date: Sunday, 8th December, 2013,

Time: 6pm

Venue: Shankaracharya Dr. Kurtakoti Hall, Above Honda Showroom, Old Gangapur Naka, Gangaour Road, Nasik

Contact: Shreeya : 9960466484



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