WSET Wine Course Nashik

The Essential First Course For Wine Lovers In Nashik.

Sula Vineyards in association with The Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) of London offers an exciting introductory Level 1 course for wine lovers. Enter the world of wine with Head Sommelier of Sula Sovna Puri who will provide you with an in depth learning in the art of wine tasting and wine appreciation.
The WSET Level 1 course gives you a thorough introduction to the main types of wines, teaches you the characteristics of the principle grape varieties, offers an insight into the service and retail of wine and WSET Level 1 Systematic Approach to wine Tasting. The course helps you
understand and learn the basics of food and wine pairing. It is followed by a multiple choice questions test that will help gauge your learning following which a certificate is issued which is recognized globally.
The course is a must for avid wine lovers or connoisseurs and aspiring sommeliers! There are no criteria or prior wine qualification required to attend this course. In fact, it welcomes people who have no background in wine & are curious to learn about it. Wine makes a subject of conversation in social gatherings & is also aspirational, which is why for many it could be very intimidating. This course helps in demystifying wine & the many misconceptions surrounding it
One can also use this course as a stepping stone into the world of wine. The wine opportunities in India now are tremendous. Almost every good hotel/restaurant is looking out for people who are professionally qualified in wine. Even wine companies prefer hiring someone who knows & understands wine.

Course Date:

  • 20th October 2013 (10AM to 7PM)

Course Details:
●Wine appreciation of 8 wines
●Practical food & wine pairing
●Tea & lunch will be served during the course

Contact Information:

Swapnil: 99700 90046 /


WSET Wine Course Nashik


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