Eco Friendly Ganesh Shadu Mati

Eco friendly Ganesh Murti from four generations (Ganesh Sculptures in Shadu Clay)

In the age of use and throw goods , More family in nashik is crafting attractive statues of lord Ganesh out of “Shadu Clay” a disposable clay which can easily be  dissolved in any water source without affecting its life-cycle. The art of making this statues has been derived from their grand parents and last four generations are continued this heritage.  Lord Ganesh statues are worshipped  in many home across the country on the occasion of Ganesh chaturthi the statues which are used for this ritual are made with artificial material and colours which can contaminate the water source. Hence to prevent this and celebrate the eco-friendly festival It’s advised that people should use statues which are made with “Shadu Clay” an organic clay which can easily be dissolved in the water source. And to cater to all those people willing to have eco friendly Ganesh statues a family from nashik is playing outstanding role.  They are making eco-friendly Ganesh statues from last four generations. From last few years their statues are even booked from United States and UK as well.

Old Mrore

For more details about their work and for further details you can contact them here: Shri. Shantaram More : 9823164272 .  Or check their website here


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