Just nashik photo essay Ramshej Fort Nashik

Just Nashik photo essay: Ramshej Fort Nashik

Ramshej Fort was remain Invincible by mughal attacks for many years. All the mughal commanders came with the intentions to conquer this fort was loosed against Marathi king “Chatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj” and commander of the fort Suryaji Jedhe. Unlike all the other forts in Maharshtra this fort is not surrounded by any Impassable region but situated on plain land.

You can visit this fort during monsoon or winter.Located few kilometres from main city this place is really worth a visit as it will put the glorious era of Marathi emperor “Chatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj” in front of you.Though it is really decrepit state right now still few monuments are remains on the top of the mountain.It is also said that Lord Ram was lived on this hill during Vanwas.

Address Of Ramshej Fort Nashik

On Nashik – Peth Road 14 KM away from main city. You can easily find this fort just drive though Nashik-Peth Road and ask for Ramshej Fort There is a village situated at the foothills known as Aashewadi.

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