Chennai Express Movie Review Justnashik

Just Nashik Movie Review: Chennai Express

Verdict: **1/2

Chennai Express Movie Review Justnashik
Chennai Express Movie Review Justnashik

What is a Rohit Shetty and Team film? Answer is simple; there are cars exploding, gravity defying ultra slow-mo action sequences, few stall humour sequences and if possible, “a story line”. Though above all things lead to a 100 crore film, you need a story to make your film remembered by coming generations. Rohit Shetty, though successful, was failing to make memorable films. Chennai Express marks his first steps towards making an original story. This film has all the Rohit Shetty things, but it also includes a story (precisely a love story) which may make this film memorable.

Rahul played by Shahrukh Khan (You don’t say) is grandchild of a successful and long lasting sweet shop owner YY (Lekh Tondon). He is 40 but due to his grandpa, still unable to find a direction (love) of the life. After grandpa’s death, Rahul plans to go to Goa and get a life, sacrificing grandpa’s last wish of pouring his ashes at Rameshwaram.

Rahul boards on Chennai Express in attempt to avoid granny’s nagging and the story starts. Famous DDLJ sequence takes place with Meena Lochini (Deepika Padukone) and three other gorilla-like goons chasing her. These goons turn out to be the cousins of Meena, taking her to get married with Tangaballi (Niketan Dheer). Obviously, Meena is not in favour of this. Her father Durgeshwara Azhagusundaram (Sathyaraj) is a Don and he is benefitted by this Kalyanam (Marriage). Somehow, Rahul is also fetched in this drama taken alongside with her. Once they arrive at the village, Meena starts a series of lies and plans to escape.

After this point, story takes usual turns and twists to last for 150 minutes. More precisely, Hate then Love relationship between film’s two protagonists, realization of moral duties to care free hero and last but not the least, fight between Hero and Villain which is won by Hero (again, You don’t say). Only difference is you got a star power of Shahrukh Khan over here. His charm makes this film watch-able. Script by Yunus Sajawal is perfect for this genre of films, apt positioning of dance numbers, actions sequences and songs. Cinematography by Dudley must be applauded. Vishal –Shekhar provides with some melodious songs. Rohit Shetty brings some new flavour in this film, showing how well he can handle romantic sequences.

This film is all about Shahrukh Khan. He loves, he fights, he wits, he sings, he dances, he does all those things which audience wants from him. Deepika also does some good work bearing slightly exaggerated southern accent. Niketan Dheer has nothing to do more than looking scary and fighting. Sathyaraj might be a villain in any upcoming South remake. All together, Chennai Express is complete family entertainer. No below the belt jokes, no bed scenes, only pure entertainment. It lacks nothing to its purpose, but it also has nothing new to surprise you. Film is very long. Some scenes could have easily been edited. But it is a treat for all Shahrukh Khan Fans out there who will get to see him for 150 minutes.

Chennai Express Showtimes in Nashik.

Cinemax Nasik Road,Nashik
‎9:45am‎ ‎12:45‎ ‎2:00‎ ‎3:45‎ ‎6:45‎ ‎8:00‎ ‎9:45‎ ‎11:00pm‎
Fame Cinemaspune road annapurna highway, Nashik
‎9:00‎ ‎10:15am‎ ‎12:00‎ ‎1:15‎ ‎3:00‎ ‎4:15‎ ‎6:00‎ ‎7:15‎ ‎9:00‎ ‎9:30‎ ‎10:15pm‎
Mahalaxmi Cinema,dindori rd opp market yard, panchavati, Nashik
‎12:30‎ ‎3:30‎ ‎6:30‎ ‎9:30pm‎
Cinemax College Road,big bazaar building, near vitthal mandir, college road, Nashik
‎9:00‎ ‎10:00am‎ ‎1:00‎ ‎2:00‎ ‎3:00‎ ‎4:00‎ ‎5:00‎ ‎7:00‎ ‎8:00‎ ‎9:00‎ ‎10:00‎ ‎11:00pm‎
Cinemax City Centre Mall,city centre mall, untwadi road, Nashik
‎9:30‎ ‎10:15‎ ‎11:00‎ ‎11:45am‎ ‎12:30‎ ‎1:15‎ ‎2:00‎ ‎2:45‎ ‎3:30‎ ‎4:15‎ ‎5:00‎ ‎6:30‎ ‎7:15‎ ‎8:00‎ ‎9:30‎ ‎10:15‎ ‎11:00pm‎
Big Cinemas Divya,purab paschim plaza,trimurti chowk, opp post office, cidco, Nashik
‎9:15‎ ‎10:15‎ ‎11:15am‎ ‎1:15‎ ‎2:15‎ ‎4:15‎ ‎5:15‎ ‎7:15‎ ‎8:15‎ ‎9:15‎ ‎10:15pm‎


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