Malvan Restaurant Nashik

Enjoy Malwani feast in Nashik at “Malvan” – JustNashik Food Guide

Verdict :By far the ‘Sea Food‘ is awesome ,didn’t checked their mutton and chicken. Nice ambiance easy to find and worth a try.

Rating 3/5

Table for Two: INR 300-400 Rs.Address:Opp Big Bazar Behind Pepe Jeans, Patil Lane No 3, College Road, Nashik – 422005
Malvan Restaurant Nashik
Malvan Restaurant Nashik

Malvan was started by two young food enthusiastic ‘Kiran Thakur’ and ‘Sachin Patil’ in Nashik 2 and half year back and now with their authentic Malvani taste restaurant is seeking attention of all the malavani food lovers in the city.Located at the very famous college road you can get all the Malvani preparations in Malvan Restaurant at best price and in real malvani taste.

Malvani cuisine is the standard cuisine of the Konkan region of Maharashtra and Goa, and some northern parts of West Karnataka. Although Malvani cuisine is predominantly non-vegetarian, there are many vegetarian delicacies. Although it is an independent cuisine, it overlaps Maharashtrian cuisine and Goan cuisine. Malvan is a town in the Sindhudurg district on the west coast of Maharashtra.The cuisine of this region is popularly known as Malvani cuisine. Coconut, Rice and fish assume prime significance in the Malvani cuisine.Malvan being a coastal area in Konkan, it has its own distinct way of cooking food. Malvani cuisine uses coconut liberally in various forms such as grated, dry grated, fried, coconut paste and coconut milk.

Many spices have dried red chilies and other spices like coriander seeds, peppercorns, cumin, cardamom, ginger, garlic, etc. Some dishes also use kokum, dried kokam (amsul), tamarind, and raw mango (kairi). However not all of the cuisine is hot and spicy. The ‘Konkanastha Brahmin‘ style of food is quite bland yet very tasty and vegetarian too.Fish dishes dominate the Malvani cuisine. The fiery seafood curries may be a bit too spicy for some people, but are quite tasty. The Malvani cuisine is very similar to Goan or coastal South Indian cuisine.

Starting with their menu what we first encounter with is their special ‘Fish Thali’ a bunch of Malvani delicacies ‘Pomfret curry’ ,’Surmai Fry’ and ‘Bombil’ (Malawani Fish Names) along with a special Malavani ‘Sol kadhi’ ,Sol Kadhi is a pink colored appetizer drink made from the kokam fruit and Coconut Milk, often drunk after particularly hot and spicy Konkani / Malvani meal as it is very soothing. ‘Kombadi Wada’ is another famous dish from Malvan and its worth of tasting.Along with these two famous dishes they also have all ‘Chicken’ and ‘Mutton Thali’ .All their preparations are cooked in authentic malavani spices and all the spices comes right from malvan.In this regular menu you will find something unusual a dish called ‘Chicken Kokani’ and ‘Mutton Kokani’ well both the dishes are their invention and you must try it during your first visit.

Malvan Restaurant Nashik
Malvan Restaurant Nashik

They have really nice seating arrangements and well behaved staff ,service is also quick and everything served is fresh and worth of the price.So visit Malvan Restaurant if you want to taste malvan cuisines  the way it taste in Malvan.


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