Justnashik Food Guide: Review Cafe bliss ,Jehan Circle, Gangapur Road, Nashik.

Verdict :If you’re true coffee addict you’ll love this place ,head here for their signature bevarages & authentic flatbed pizzas.

Ratings :4/5

Price: INR 29-189 Rs.
Address:6,Rushiraj Tower ,Jehan Circle , Gangapur Road ,Nashik-422013
Phone Number :+91 0253 2344150
Cafe Bliss Nashik.
Cafe Bliss Nashik.

In the era of packaged and ready to eat food Cafe bliss is serving authentic or original dishes that are assembled and cooked on-site.After getting started in 2010 by trained Chef Anuj Rathi Cafe bliss has become popular due to their fresh and authentic recipes since last 2 and 1/2 year and as a result they are expanding in pune and mumbai soon.

Cafe bliss has myriad options in beverages right from 80 different types of coffee, 15 flavored Iced Teas, Frappes, Juices, Smoothies, Milkshakes,Smoothies. Coffees at Cafe bliss are totally fresh and made with high quality syrups.They have more to offer than just coffee and beverages  a wide variety of pizzas,burgers,pastas are available as well and once again everything is fresh and prepared right in front of your eyes this gives you opportunity to even make some customization on your meal which is unusual in most of the cafes right now in Nashik.

Cafe Bliss Nashik.
Cafe Bliss Nashik.

Some of their popular recipes are masala fries ,regular potato fries laden with self made spices.Their authentic coffees are best in the town as per their customers. All recipes here are authentic and most of them were invented by their owner Chef Mr.Anuj Rathi who has got his culinary training in USA.

Cafe Bliss Nashik.
Cafe Bliss Nashik.

Apart from food they have a great ambiance with nice interiors , complimentary WI-FI and plugging points near every table.With seating arrangement  inside and outside Cafe bliss also offers a hall for birthday parties and small get together. On the last note Cafe bliss was recognized as one of the Top 3 across India for ‘Best Menu R&D and Innovation of the year 2012,’ at the Indian Restaurant Awards in Delhi.

So for the next time when you’re hunting for authentic coffee,frappes and fruit juices with some great food in nashik add Cafe bliss on your list.

Cafe Bliss Nashik.
Cafe Bliss Nashik.

Brief Menu of Cafe Bliss
Beverages :1.Coffee  2.Iceed Beverages  3.Iced Teas  4.Frappes 5.Juices  6.Milkshakes 7.Smoothies

Meal :  1.Wraps 2.Burgers 3.Fries 4.Sandwiches  5.Flatbed Pizzas 6. Omelets 7. Pastas


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