Annual Days In Schools.

As like every year Annual Days are going on almost all primary and secondary scools of english and marathi mediam. To explore the talent of student evey year annual functions, sport week and so many other days are organized by scools and also private coaching classes. This days are permonantly impact on student academic life. In nasik currenly more than 100 reputed schools of all mediuam are growing the education feild including international schools such as Ashoka, Ryan, Orchid, and others.

In Sports all matches of all are played by students and also inter schools are also organised by them. all public stadiums are book for inter schools matches of cricket, foot ball, etc

Also citi audotorium of Klidas Kalamandir and Pasa Natya griha is booked by all schools for Annual function
gathering, and fun fair.

At the same time guest lectures for student and their parents are organised by schools. this Winter season is great fun days for students. all winners will be falicited by the schools in huge welidictory function.


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