Wrong traffic maintenance leads to mega block in Nashik

The biggest festival in whole country has started. Yes, we are talking about Ganesh Utsav. Nashik, one of the growing cities in India, has not left behind in any respect as compared to Mumabai and Pune.
This year hundreds of new Public Ganesh ‘Mandals’ were registered. To fulfill demands of such a huge crowd, many stalls of Ganesh Statues were provided with an open space in front of Civil hospital. Actually, it was not a special place but the stalls were placed on both sides of road. This turned out to reduce the road size by almost 10 feet on both side.
This much distance may create problems on the road traffic. And it surely did. Police had to close the road from Jaltaran Swimming Center to Trimbak Naka for whole afternoon on Thursday. A bypass from Sharanpur Road was provided but it was not much able to handle such a huge traffic. These stalls are removed now but some effective steps are needed to be taken to avoid such things in future.


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