525 extra Buses allotted towards Trimbak

On 31 July, holy month of Shravan started as per Hindu Calendar. This Shravan month has a lot of importance in religious people. Worshiping Lord Shiva is one of the important things done in this month.
Trimbak is one of the 12 “Jyotirlinga”s. It represents Lord Shiva. A huge number of worshipers come to Trimbak every year in Shravan. Especially on Mondays, around 100,000 people visit Trimbak. Nearest city to the Trimbak is Nashik. People tends to take halt in Nashik and then go to Trimbak.
This causes big stress on State Transport.
This year they have decided to allot 525 extra buses towards Trimbak from Nashik. This time, there are 5 Mondays in Shravan. As 3rd Monday is considered as the holiest one, S.T. will allot 85 buses on 15 August.
Lets try to help outsiders and keep city clean.


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