Moment of pride :Nashik Ranks 16th amongst fastest developing cities in the world.


According to latest “The City Mayors foundation” report Nashik has rank 16th amongst the fastest developing city in the world,this is very proud moment for every Nashikites as nashik has set backs almost all the major cities in country including Mumbai, Delhi,Chennai and Pune as well !
The City Mayor foundation is worlds leading no profit /no loss organisation which works with the motive to find out problems in field of transportation,education,employment etc. foundation also research various threats and solutions for environment, technical and social life security.
Foundation has determined the annual growth rate of Nashik city in between 2006 to 2020 which is 3.90%.Beihai (China) is ranked 1st with the growth rat 10.58%


One thought on “Moment of pride :Nashik Ranks 16th amongst fastest developing cities in the world.

  1. This list is indication of population growth. Has nothing to do with progress. More slums will also make it fastest growing. Many cities from Bihar and UP are also among the list!


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