Fake Bomb generates terror in Nashik

It was an usual Saturday afternoon in Nashik and suddenly some news came which put Nashik under terror. Trimurthy Chowk area of Nashik was quiet and somebody observed an owner-less plastic bag with some electrical wiring poking out of it. As a responsible citizen of India, he quickly informed police.
But many other responsible Indians gathered around there foolishly and made some huge chaos. Police tried very hard to reduce that chaos. Scanners and Dog force were brought to check whether there is a real bomb or just a misunderstanding. After scanning it was observed that it was a bomb with potential of blast but there were no explosive materials poured in it.
Police officials said that some criminal minded people tried disturb the peace in Nashik. Such people need to be more intelligent and think that some foolish behavior can make a huge disturbance in day to day life of common man.


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