Blast in Nashik: Aftermath

On 8th June 2011, Meri – Mhasarul area of Nashik experienced a huge blast. Precisely, Saptashrungi Apartment in Tarwala Nagar faced this blast. The apartment was of 3 floors and blast happened in a flat on first floor. The intensity of it was so high as it was experienced in 3 km radius.
First floor was fully demolished, so was the ground floor. Due to this, people on 2nd and 3rd floor were trapped. Fire Fighters came to rescue in time and successfully did their job.
That flat on the first floor was rented by a person who has business of Crackers. 3 dead person are the workers of him and were present their at time of blast. The identities of two dead were found but the other one is yet to be recognized.
Eventually, Chief Minister Mr. Prithviraj Chouhan and Deputy Chief Minister Mr. R. R. Patil were present in Nashik. They both visited the affected area. Chief Minister announced that family of dead would be compensated with Rs.100,000 and the injures will get Rs.50,000.
Anti Terrorist Squad has also arrived in Nashik for checking that no terrorist activities are involved in this. But the primary assumption is made that this blast may have happened due to ignition of crackers and dynamites stored on first floor.


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