Petrol Price Hike

Rise in Cost of petrol has not remained an uncommon issue for the indian man. After each 15 days or so, Central Government implies some new taxes or hikes the price of something.
Now, it is turn of Petrol. Petrol price are increased by almost Rs. 5 from 15th May. And it is said that the price of LPG Cylinder is also going to increase by Rs 20-25 in this month end.
It is not feasible for the middle class.According to opposition loosing taxes might restrict this hike. restricted.
In Nashik, the price has changed from Rs. 62.91 to Rs. 68.50. This implies that, common man has to face crisis of nearly Rs. 500 each month without any relief provided by government.
And this hike is made when the results of Assembly elections were out. This show the meanness of central government. Some strict steps should taken to avid such price hikes in future, otherwise this small fire in the minds of commons can be converted into a big disaster.


2 thoughts on “Petrol Price Hike

  1. The govt. is assuring a lot during elections. But unfortunately, fails to put them into practice & shatters the common man’s expectations. We need a change. We need a truly !ncredible India in all aspects. Come & let’s make a revolution.


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