Court (2015) Marathi movie review

Court room drama is one of the most experimented topics in Indian Cinema lacking just behind Extra-Marital affairs. But as it is one of the characteristic approaches to anything in “Bollywood”, we see lot of shouting, clapping, punches and what not in a Court Room. It is not the case that we do not enjoy them. Right from ‘Kanoon’ to ‘Damini’ and from ‘Kyunki Mai … Continue reading Court (2015) Marathi movie review


Movie Review: Singham Returns Review

Verdict: *** In August 1982, Mumbai Police went on strike. The force which was #3 in whole world stopped working. You can only imagine the chaos and looting happened then. It was the period when police was the only force which had an image fear and respect. Later dispute was resolved within 2 days and city was back on-line. This tells us what Police can … Continue reading Movie Review: Singham Returns Review

Jai Ho movie review

Movie review: Jai Ho (2014)

Verdict: ** What history has taught us about the films of Salman Khan, diehard fans of him will never stop to worship him even if he only twerks his bottom on the screen. That is what great about watching a Salman Khan flick in the theater. It may be multiplex or single screen, unending whistles, cheers and all other sorts of noises are accompanying you … Continue reading Movie review: Jai Ho (2014)