Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University

Open University is a term that covers a lot of meaning while consdering the educational morales of a nation. In India, the most famous open university is Indira Gandhi National Open University often abbrevated as IGNOU. But it is situated in Delhi and its syllabus is also built considering whole India in perspective. So, Mahrashtra State Government decided to establish the university based on IGNOU standards. The location was selected in Nashik. It is the first open university in Mahrashtra. Its boundaries were limited in Maharashtra territory only but few years before its limits were extended to operate across the globe.
YCMOU has many educational facillities from which you can learn while sitting at your home. Distance learning is the main factor which has helped to gather huge publicity for YCMOU. Knowledge should be spread in each and every territory is the motto of it. Various Graduation and Post graduation courses, diplomas are available here. We can surely say that it has enlightened the Nashik’s pride in various aspects.

The Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University (YCMOU) was established in July 1989 by Act XX- (1989) of the Maharashtra State Legislature. It is the Fifth Open University in the country. The jurisdiction of this university, originally for the State of Maharashtra, has now been extended beyond this State and the university can now operate anywhere across the globe. The YCMOU has been recognized under University Grants Commission. It is a member of various prestigious associations and bodies like the Association of Indian Universities (AIU), Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU), Asian Association of Open Universities (AAOU), Commonwealth of Learning (COL), Canada to name a few.
The main aim of the YCMOU is to become a Mass Varsity and to make available to the common man, educational programmes that are of practical use in his day-to-day life and those that provide better prospects for the future. The University offers several offline programmes and has also embarked on a number of innovative online initiatives. The YCMOU has its headquarters at Nashik and provides support to its learners through study centres, which are spread all over the State of Maharashtra

YCMOU Website: http://www.ycmou.com

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