Panchavati :

Panchavati known as the place which is touched by the pious feet of prabhu ramchandra. This place is mostly known as the iconic place of nashik,where every tourist of nashik comes to visit the place as it is the pride of nashik and every nashikities proud of it.
The place where many of the devotees comes to visit the various temples which are situated besides the great river godavari,the place is known as ‘ramkunda’.People looks at panchavati as the central attraction of nashik..People comes to visit various temples which are situated besides godavari the temples like naroshankar, kapaleshwar, sundernarayan and also kalaram temple.
When you visit the kalaram temple you can also visit the place where goddess sita lived at the time of vanvaas the place is known as sita gupha.
And also you can see the place where lord ram had killed the demon marich.
There are five banyan trees in front of sita gupha so the name is panchvati.(panch=five)

Shalimar And Main Road:

Shalimar and main road are the places which are the part of old nashik.These two places are entertaining the nashikities for a long period of time. These two places are the breath of nashik.

Where every citizen of nashik is shopping for long time till yet, even though malls are in the nashik city every citizen of nashik willing to shop at main road. The place main road, when ever you go at main road you will always see crowed there. The place main road is like a shopping mall for every common man because it is the place at the central point of city its easy for everyone to come and shop at the main road and shalimar. These two places provides you everything from food, cloths, stationeries and many more till electronic appliances and big budget items
This place always attracts you towards itself.
These places have given an employment to many peoples of nashik .There are different markets in these areas like saraf bazaar which is specially known for its gold ornaments and jewelers.
The another one is ful bazaar known for the huge flower market in nashik it gives you various types of flowers always on every special occasions or festivals these two markets are always full of people . You must also visit these places and have experience of shopping here it will be more interesting then to shop in malls.


This is one of the most important places of nashik. The specialty of nashik road is it connects the nashik city with central railway . The most important service that is railway station is situated here. And one of the important jails of india which is central jail of nashik is also at nashikroad.The large number of nashik’s population lives at nashikroad. So its for sure that you will get everything that you want
In nashikroad.
The birth place of great freedom fighter swatantryaveer savarkar that is vinayak damodar savarkar is also not so far from nashikroad the place is known as bhagur.
A well known artillery center of nashik is also situated at nashikroad it has covered a very large geographical area from upnagar to devlali camp.Devlali camp is known for its artillery center and army head quarters, and also for its clothing market called as levit market.

Ravivar karanja (RK):The place is known for grocery shops and its market. this place give you a great view of Godavari river from Victoria bridge. and when you will see the same view in the evening or at night time you will fall in love with it and also with Nashik. The chandicha(silver) Ganpati(Lord ganesha ) is very famous which is located at RK(Ravivar karanja)(karanja =Fountain).RK connects us with Main road ,Shalimar,Panchavati and also with Ashokstambha. The very popular Dagduteli who is a grocery merchant for a very long periods of time is also located here.

Mumbai Naka : This is a place which gives the facility from where you can go at any place easily because it provides bus ,auto ,taxi services the main advantage of this place is that this place is at the center point of nashik. This place is on the way to mumbai so the name is mumbai naka.

Dwarka: dwarka is also on the way of Mumbai and Agra that is National highway 3.and also on the Nashik-Pune highway that is National highway……….This is a way to Nashikroad, Pune, Shirdi and Ahamadnagar and sinner which is known for its MIDC and farms of sugarcane.

Thakkar bazaar(New CBS): The Thakkar bazaar is also known as new CBS whch is central bus stand, where you will get bus to some important location in maharashtra like pune,satara any many more.

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