Just nashik photo essay Ramshej Fort Nashik

Just Nashik photo essay: Ramshej Fort Nashik

Ramshej Fort was remain Invincible by mughal attacks for many years. All the mughal commanders came with the intentions to conquer this fort was loosed against Marathi king “Chatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj” and commander of the fort Suryaji Jedhe. Unlike all the other forts in Maharshtra this fort is not surrounded by any Impassable region but situated on plain land. You can visit this fort during monsoon … Continue reading Just Nashik photo essay: Ramshej Fort Nashik

Justnashik Photo Essay: Godwari Ghat (Godaghat) Nashik

Justnashik Photo Essay: Godwari Ghat (Godaghat) Nashik

Place: Godawari River Nashik The Godavari (Marathi : गोदावरी) is a river in the south-central India. It starts in the western state of Maharashtra and flows through the Southern state of Andhra Pradesh before reaching the Bay of Bengal. It forms one of the largest river basins in India. With a length of 1465 km, it is the second longest river in India,second to The … Continue reading Justnashik Photo Essay: Godwari Ghat (Godaghat) Nashik

Budhwar Bazzar @ Gangaghat.

A nominal dream of any lay man is to get green and fresh vegetable and it will add more blossom if it is less costly and natural farmed. now a days picture is rates of vegetables are rising towards sky and all vegetables available is hybrid and chemically farmed. so eyes of common man looking towards a natural, green and fresh vegetable . your this … Continue reading Budhwar Bazzar @ Gangaghat.

Find Relax Here…..

Do you remember seeing comedy shows or skits when you were young where someone is practicing meditation. There was usually one person closing their eyes and “ohm”ing while the other person tried to imitate them or simply made snide remarks. While we used to look upon meditation as being funny, ridiculous, or just plain odd; we now know about all the benefits it has to … Continue reading Find Relax Here…..