Call 108 Emergency ambulance service nashik.

An initiative by NAME Foundation, Call 108is a 24×7 service, free of cost, which anyone can avail by dialing the number (0253) 108 from their mobile or landline during any emergency. It provides medical help which is free till point of delivery to the hospital. They provide first aid and medical help to serious injuries or illness.

Call 108 Emergency ambulance service nashik
Call 108 Emergency ambulance service nashik

Many emergencies end in a loss of life because the needy cannot afford ambulance services. In order to remove the barriers of affordability that prevent the poorer sections and the one in need of immediate medical assistance, we at Call108, provide free ambulance services to the people of Nashik.
The ambulances at Call108 are fully equipped and have lifesaving drugs with a trained paramedic on board. This helps the injured/patient to get immediate help. Till now this free service has saved up to 1695 lives in the city since 2008. The ambulance is sure to reach within 10 minutes after you make the call. the ambulances are parked at crucial junctions throughout the city like Mumbai Naka, Adgaon Naka, SinghadaTalav and Garware Point.
This is the official Facebook Page for
This page is used to post information and content relevant to our mission and to give members a place to connect with the cause and make others aware of this service.
108 from your Land-line
0253-108 from your Mobile
(On 12th October, Name Foundation Celebrated 5 years of noble services in Nashik. An event was organized at Pancham Hall, Green view, which was hosted by the directors Mr. Tej Takle, Dr. Prashant Patil and Mr. Saleel Raje.The event was honoured by prominent people including The Police Commissioner of Nashik, The Collector of Nashik, The VP of Mahindra and Mahindra, and the likes.)

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