Artistica 2014 “Amateurs Photography Exhibition By”

Rules and Conditions for entrants.

Themes for Artistica 2014

  1. Street/People
  2. Landscape/Nature
  3. Macro

Artistica 2014 consist 2 levels, In level 1 participants will submit soft copies of their photos and will be judged by public + expert voting. Short-listed candidates from level 1 will enter in level 2 and their photos will be displayed in exhibition  held at “Kusumagraj Smarak” Nashik.Winner will be declared on the last day of exhibition by expert Judges.  Read all rules carefully before submitting your entries.

Level 1

  1. Size of photos should be 15 X 10 Inches (3000 X 2000) pixels with minimum 200 DPI.
  2. Mobile Camera is not allowed.
  3. Only basic editing (Cropping & Colour Tuning) is allowd, Photos with excessive effects,editing will be disquallified.
  4. Last date of photo submission is 22th Feb, Further entries  will not be accepted.
  5. Participant can submit 3 photos based on given themes. You can submit multiple photos per theme also, but total photos should be three.
  6. Watermark/Logo is not allowed on photos.
  7. You can only submit your own photos, Please don’t submt third party,copyrighted photos.
  8. Send all the photos with following information on: With subject line “Photos for Artistica 2014”
  • Name:
  • Phone No:
  • Occupation:
  • EXIF Data of all 3 photos:

Level 2

  1. All entries received till deadline (20th Feb) will be showcased on artistica website for public voting until 25th Feb. Top 50 entries with maximum votes (Public + Judges) will be displayed in exhibition  held at “Kusumagraj Smarak” Nashik.
  2. Short-listed candidates need to pay photo installation charges (200 INR) before 28th Feb.

Need some help ? Contact us at for any issues, questions, support. We are here assist you :)

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