• About

Nashik City-The City Of Wines and Pilgrimage and Much more. https://justnashik.com/

  • Mission

To establish a social platform where nashikkar can connect with their fellow citizens and get details about news,events, happenings around the town.

  • Company Overview

Justnashik provides updates about news,current happening,places,events to city people and rest of the world.

  • Description

Just Nashik is an online platform to promote the city of Nashik. It was started by a group of youngsters and also engineers who wanted to take the city viral. Just Nashik is a portal aimed at creating awareness about the city by regularly giving updates and important news about the city online. It works in real time and it updated most frequently.
Just Nashik has various topics and it gives a complete overview of the city. It consists of various different outlets of the city which include food joints, wineries, events, hangout places etc. Just Nashik is by far the only website which has a detailed analysis of everything going on in the city.
The vision for Just Nashik is a vision that most of the youth of the city would share. In the future Just Nashik aims at being the only portal where everybody from the city would connect with each other. It is an initiative taken by young people in the city because Nashik is considered as one of the most developing cities of the state. With this in mind Just Nashik main purpose to develop the city’s changing image with time.

Because after all, Nashik is more than pilgrims and wines.For more details https://justnashik.com/

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey! Guys, you are doing a great job while keeping more updated nashikkars. one of my buddy who i know from your team a school buddy :) Chinmay. ill Contact you soon for Photography of tourist places. in nashik and some how out of nashik.

    all and all you all are doing a great job.


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