Rajma Chawal at Amritsari Nashik

Food Review: Amritsari By Kalras

Punjabi food often gets lost amongst the restaurant-style pre-made gravy based dishes which are distance apart from the authenticity, like every other regional Indian cuisine it was hard to find authentic Punjabi dishes in Nashik. To counter this, an age-old family of hoteliers has come up with their new authentic Punjabi outlet “Amritsari By Kalras”

Amritsari has an outpost on college road to serve the delicacies from the land of saag, parathas, and lassi. Focused mainly on takeaways and online delivery they also have arrangements if you wish to dine in. Amritsari has a concise menu to focus only on the signature dishes from the region. The menu includes Chole, Rajma, Parathas, Kadhi, and quintessential Dal Makhni for a la carte menu and thali, meals, and combos, Although they only have vegetarian options.

All the preparation can be paired either with rice, kulcha, and laccha paratha. But we would strongly recommend sticking with rice & kulcha, Kulcha might seem little buttery/oily and if you are not used to it, then inform them beforehand. We had chole, rajma, dal makhani and kadhi. Since we personally had very little exposure and palate to judge Punjabi food, one thing which we notice across all the dishes was the use of very basic spices and taste which relates to the home-cooked food.

Out of all the menu, Rajma was a personal favorite, it had the mild texture and moderate use of spices which went very well with bowl steaming rice. I personally would love to have a dollop of ghee instead of butter for my meal but you have to settle with butter instead at Amritsari. Chole at the other had more complex flavors and definitely less oil and zesty ness as compared to chole we are used to eating, the strong smell of spices really gets well complimented with a nice hot kulcha. Dal makhani had the perfect blend of butter, spices, and tomato although it resembled something we are used to eating in restaurant buffets and lacks the homely touch like the other dishes.

We conclude our meal with their Rabdi lassi, it was a mix of condensed milk, dry fruits and a dash of rose syrup. Quite refreshing the lassi was not as heavy as the name suggests. To summarize it, our experience was extremely fulfilling at Amrtisari, though there is a little scope of improvements, which we already conveyed to the team. You must give it a chance to explore the food they have to offer. Since there is small space to seat you can prefer getting it delivered.  The price range is around 150-250 Rs.


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