Collective Drumming Nashik

Celebrate the republic day with collective drumming

Collective drumming is a fun recreational and stress-busting activity. You really don’t need any previous drumming experience to participate in it. The experience is assured to be mesmerizing and energy-boosting. Collective drumming doesn’t only helps the individual but also to a community and groups with differences. Irrespective of gender, age, qualifications, and socioeconomic layers, people become one and drum together in harmony on simple drumming facilitation.

The city’s first mega community drum circle is going to happen on the 26th of January 2020 on the occasion of Republic Day of India. It would be an unforgettable evening to experience when 100 drummers are going to drum together continuously for 100 minutes. The duration entirely would be enchanting and meditative too because the energy post drumming would be channelized by a melodious flute meditation.

This program is happening at Nashik Culture Café, at their wonderful vibe ambiance at 6pm in the evening. This initiative is brought to Nasik city by Drum With Freedom organization. And supported by Muzofreak Academy for Music as a music partner and Let’s talk Center for communication as a communication and print media broadcasting partner. Just Nashik would play an important role by spreading it in Netizens being the city’s most influential web portal.

Link to the passes is available on the drum with freedom’s Instagram page or group booking can be taken place by simply messaging or Swapath on 9595937567.


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