Patang Hotel Nashik

Food Review: Patang Restaurant, Exploring all you can eat unlimited menu at Rs. 555/-

Address: Sharanpur Rd, Racca Colony,  Sharanpur, Nashik- 422002

Phone: 0253 297 8777

Patang Restaurant is almost synonymous with food culture in Nashik, the place has been here in Nashik since last decade or two. Though there were few ups and downs, it got shut for a short period in the past but now they have decided to reintroduce themselves in a new contemporary form. The restaurant now has an indoor dining area, rooftop and private dining section with ample seating capacity and all this with a revamped all-new menu.

We were invited to try their all you can eat unlimited menu which cost you Rs. 555 and includes starters, kebabs, main course, and desserts. Menu is available for both veg and non-veg options. Each course has around 3-4 dishes each. We opted out for non-veg which had a welcome drink, chicken, mutton and fish kebabs for starters, biryani, chicken & mutton curries, Chinese preparation and a wide variety of desserts with a couple of accompaniments like roomali khakra, pani puri, papad, and salads.  The actual dishes from the menu will keep rotating so guests can have quite a good variety throughout the month.

Our menu had Khas sarbat & iced tea as a welcome drink, out of which we really like the subtle flavors of Khas sarbat, Roomali khakra was quite thin which could have been a little thicker but it was crispy.

Patang Hotel Nashik

We had around 4-5 kebabs including seekh kebab, pahadi fish tikka, chicken, paneer shashlik, chicken chilly and chicken spring roll. The presentation was interesting with a small live grill to keep the kebab warm. Overall all the kebabs were made with perfections, though personally, we would have loved to see more varieties apart from the regular one.

After the kebab course, we went a bit low on the main course tried chicken biryani, mutton curry, chicken malwani, and chicken noodles and chicken chilly gravy and paneer makhani. Chicken malwani was the best out all of them with a nice coconut-based curry and malwani spices. Mutton was not as per our taste. Both the noodles and chicken chilly were also decent.

An appetizer was served between the courses which kept us going without getting bloated. The dinner was concluded with a wide assortment of desserts rights from pastries to Indian traditional sweets. The spread was so huge and tempting we couldn’t help ourselves digging into almost most of them. Though we had a little bit of everything we highly recommend to try Rosh Gulla, angur rabbdi and pastries without a miss.

This was indeed a feast with a wide variety of flavors, though we would love to see the more variation in terms of cuisines were served for 555 Rs. this seems a steal. Staff and stewards were very attentive and well versed with the entire menu. Their suggestion helps us navigate through the dishes.

To conclude this we would love to see Patang coming up with more interesting concepts of similar kinds and keep feeding their patrons with a new menu. Do try this and let us know your feedback about the menu in the comment section below.


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