Drum Circle Nashik

Cultivating Community Drumming Culture In Nashik

Community Drumming is way old African culture where people gather and drum together and experience it’s benefits on an individual and social level. Drum circle is a popular social activity in Africa , Europe and Now widely growing in Metro cities of India and here we go, It has reached to our Nashik too.

Drum Circle Nashi
Drum Circle Nashi

Drumming is nothing but all people participate and connect themselves into group’s rhythm. Everyone irrespective of their age, gender, social status and ability of drumming come together pick up a drum and start drumming. Usually all percussion instruments are used in community drumming but Djembe is a quite easy to pick up and very popular across the world for drumming.

Research has shown that drumming activity recreates the human and boosts confidence. It reduces the stress level and anxiety and increases the enthusiasm. It’s not only effective on individual level but also it has deep impact on social wellness. It brings people together, builds harmony and developed brotherhood in the society. 

Considering the large health benefits of drumming, Drum circles are  taking place at workspaces, social gatherings and events and traditional gatherings too.The Engaged Bees is a leading people engagement company brings that to Nashik where people will not only experience the healing of it but would be engaged, feel connected and have a lot of fun and burst the stress.

The company has just launched it’s community drumming in Nashik and would continue it’s magic every week at some or the other café, social spaces, workspaces and across the cities.

SwapathYatri , Founder EngagedBees is a people engagement facilitator and drumming with corporate and social groups for last 3 years. He had a dream to start it in Nashik and now it’s coming true.

For organizing drum  circle at your café, company or a private event , you may reach out to him on 9595937567.

Or write to him at theengagedbees@gmail.com


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