‘Showcase 2019’ to be held Today!

Nashik is witnessing a sudden rise in new open mics in recent times.
Some are themed for poetries, Storytelling, Spoken Word or any other genre. It was observed that a certain set of the crowd goes to one open mic and never try to explore others. Maybe, they don’t know about them yet or any other reason it might be. We at Kaarvaan have always have tried to bring something new and unique for the people of Nashik also observed this and started brainstorming over it. And we reached an idea and thus
was ‘Showcase’ born…

While explaining about Showcase, Arvind Naidu from the team says, “‘Showcase‘ is basically a platform to bring together all the platforms of open mics of the city together under one roof. Bringing together every open mic with a different set of expertise at one place would surely be a feast to the audience. In this was the people of Nashik will know more than the open mics they usually follow and will explore more talents of the city.
Showcase 2019 is lined up with six platforms coming together to showcase their talents and their team. We have Poetry Saturdays, one of Nashik’s oldest platform for poetries which has witnessed many budding poets and who bloomed to become some renowned names in the city. An evening of Artists is Nashik’s one such platform which brings together all streams of art such as Poetry, Music and Stand-up Comedy. The Writing Cult is trying to create a stage for poets here in this city. An Open mic initiative themed exclusively for spoken-word poetry. Katharsis is known for its unique storytelling sessions and workshops, Nashik’s own brand for storytelling and other stage arts comes up with events one of its kind. One of Nashik’s most unique platform Kaarvaan brings in Urdu poetry, prose and Qawwali with its open mics, live events and concerts. With the challenges of making Urdu available to the common man in easiest form and yet not letting the language’s essence, Kaarvaan is making people fall in love with Urdu every day.”

Location: Sipper’s Choice, Krishi Nagar

Date and Time: 13th Jan, 5 pm to 7 pm


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