Coffee Junction Kebabs

Top Dishes to have in Nashik on a chilly winter night

As the temperature goes down and the fog sets in Nashik, keep yourself warm with piping hot food that is sure to keep those winter chills at bay. After all, is there anything more comforting than grubbing in to those juicy kebab and momos or a fattening hot jalebis? Let this winter be your no guilt reason to enjoying some drool-worthy dishes.

Chicken/Veg Momos (College Road)

Chicken Momos at College Road
Chicken Momos at College Road

Kebabs (Where to get them Nawabe Kebab at Coffee Junction)

Coffee Junction Kebabs
Coffee Junction Kebabs

Paya Soup (Karims/Kokni Darbar)

Chai (Your favourite chai wala)

Visava Chai Tea in Nashik

Jalebi (Budha Jalebi Nashik)

Budha Jalebi Nashik
Budha Jalebi Nashik

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