Sulemani Chai Coffee Junction Nashik

Five amazing Chai Places in Nashik you haven’t heard of.

Visava Tea(Vishranti Gruha): Probably the best tea shop in town. They have a unique mixture of ground spices which goes extremely well with the mixture. Seating space is very small, also nothing else served except chai. Do try Takkar tea for sure.

Address: Saraf Bazar, Sarkarwade, Ravivar Karanja, Nashik

Visava Chai Tea in Nashik

Mitravihar Canteen: This tea joint is serving chai and some snacks from over 4 decades. Located at the hustling streets of MG Road this place is nice little cornor for a quiet discussions and some strong chai

Address: Mitravihar, Meher Signa, MG Road, Nashik

Mitravihar Canteen Nashik

Sharma Tea: If you’re fan of adrakwali chai you might have heard about this place, known for Mr. Sharma’s personality this place serves best kadak adrak wali chai in town.

Address: Opposite Vasant Market, Canada Cornor, Nashik

Sharma Tea in Nashik

Haji Darbar: Are you a chai & malai person? then this place has to be on your list. Haji darbar is famous for serving irani style chai. A mild concoction of tea leafs and water is topped with a boiling milk and cream, A must try!

Address: Haji Darbar, Dudh Bazar, Old Nashik.

Haji Darbar Tea in Nashik

Sulemani Chai at Coffee Junction: Sulemani chai is historically famous chai variety where black tea is served with the infusion of mint leaves. Get this amazing cup of pleasure at Coffee Junction.

Address: Coffee Junction, Opposite City Center, Nashik

Sulemani Chai Coffee Junction Nashik

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