Cheap thrills in Nashik: Saste Khane around the city (Non Vegetarian )

Nashik is now getting warmed up in its pre-summer heat and people around the town seems to be getting off their houses to stroll the streets. In these warm evenings, nobody can control to indulge in some fatty, greasy and spicy food but sometimes, maybe sometimes guilt of the spending too much on food kicks in ;) so to make you guilt-free, we have compiled a list of 5 amazing greasy, spicy and amazing street food gems across the town which are high on taste but low on your wallet!

All these places are street food joints and not a restaurant, So there is no or adequate seating will be available, also hygiene standards might be lower in some places so take precautions.

1. Rolls at Nashik Wraps: We have recently discovered the best rolls in Nashik, a food truck near Don Bosco school on college road called “Nashik Wraps” have an amazing menu of rolls to choose from. Our Favourite from the list is Egg Masala roll and Chicken Kasuri roll so far.

Avg Price per roll: 50 Rs.

Egg Masala Roll at Nashik Wraps
Egg Masala Roll at Nashik Wraps

2. Kebabs at Pathardi Phata: Can you imagine anything better than a plate of piping hot kebabs taken out from the live grill and served you right away? To experience this, visit a small Kebab cart located near Pathardi Phata.

Chicken Tikka Kebab: 50 Rs per plate

Chicken Tikka Kebabs at Pathardi Phata
Chicken Tikka Kebabs at Pathardi Phata

3. Bread Omelette at Mitravihar: After eating omelet sandwich at Mitravihar canteen your idea of bread omelet will change forever!  4 Pieces of bread, omelet and loads of butter is served in a single serving. The amount of butter that goes into this dish is literally crazy. Try their strong coffee as well!

Bread Omelette 40 Rs per plate.

Omelette Sandwich at Mitravihar
Omelette Sandwich at Mitravihar

4. Momos: Momos have become a staple diet in Nashik from last few years, Nashik’s cold weather and spicy eating habits of very well complement this dish! There are few stalls which serve momos but we’ll recommend one which stands near BYK college. They have both Veg, Paneer and Chicken variants so choose according to your preference.

Chicken Momos at College Road
Chicken Momos at College Road

Chicken Momos 60 Rs per plate. 

5. Kheema & Bhurji at Tibetian Market: Well this list is incomplete without mention of Bhurji at the Tibetian market. This market is a popular shopping destination and home to multiple street food vendors as well. Stalls spread over this food court serves you Chinese, Indian and what not. But stick to the basics and order yourself a plate of Bhurji and a kheema, and the place will never disappoint you. This place is bit hygienic so take precautions and carry a water bottle with you.

Double Bhurji will cost you 60 Rs & Kheema is for 90 Rs. 

Kheema Pav & Bhurji Pav at Tibetian Market
Kheema Pav & Bhurji Pav at Tibetian Market

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