Chasing your dream: Akshay Patra

Recently, completed 6 successful years and our team was having a conversation about how we saw Nashik changing from the city of pilgrimage to the city of vineyards. While saying ‘the city of vineyards’ i am not talking only about ‘wine’ but the many things we saw changing during the period. We think Nashik is no longer a small city now though we do not have metro trains running around or too many jobs or opportunities here, change in lifestyle of the city is commendable!

As Nashik got connected with other cities around, we have seen the changing thought process of people. People are creating opportunities and fame of their own. Throughout our journey to this point, we met many such people and thought to tell you about them in our new series ‘Chasing your dream’.

So first, let us tell you a story about our personal favorite guy who makes ‘Dreamcatchers’ pretty well and sells them across the country. Akshay Patra! Dreamcatchers he makes are totally handmade and has a story behind it. In his words, a dreamcatcher is an object based on a hoop, on which is woven a loose net or the web. He adds, “dreamcatchers would filter out all the bad dreams and only allow good thoughts to enter our mind. Once the sun rises, all bad dreams just disappear, people hang it above a bed and is used as a charm to protect sleeping people, usually children, from nightmares. It should be hung on a bed’s headboard or above children’s cribs. Their purpose is to dispel nightmares or those evil visions that some people have once in awhile. ”

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He says, “Humans have many theories as to what dreams are. Some believe that when dreaming, one’s soul leaves their body and travels into an alternate realm. Others believe that dreams may be an expression of the thoughts and feelings their owner is currently undergoing. While people may differ in their conceptual on what a dream is, they can all agree on one thing; a dream is magical and this is perhaps why our ancestors felt the need to create ‘dream catchers’.

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Last year during a summer noon Akshay saw this unique design hanging in a Wiccan shop and liked it. He started browsing the internet, Instagram pages to check more about it. First, he made one for his bedroom and then one for his living room. This is how it came into existence in his mind. Now Akshay receives orders every week on some e-commerce websites and on social media and delivers dreamcatchers pan India under the brand ‘Akshay Patra’ and ‘Gemiries Dreamcatcher’. Also, he allows you customize the same in different designs and sizes, you like. While expressing his vision he says, “These artifacts I make to all the beautiful soul in the country we live in, my happiness does not come from doing small work but the afterglow of satisfaction, I’m here to share happiness through my small effort. ”

We are glad to have such creative people around the town and seeing the efforts they are putting to make a positive change. We wish Akshay a very good luck and support him for his praiseworthy work. You may order your dreamcatcher from the links provided below and motivate him to keep up the good work! Also, you may contact us if you know such talent or entrepreneurs around you blessing the society with their creativity. Catch you soon next week with a new story about another mate from the city!

Links to see and buy more by Akshay Patra:

Also, You may directly contact Akshay on 7030083999



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