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5 Nashik based Startups You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

1. Scribido Campus (Education/E-Learning/Edu-tech) / Visit Website

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Scribido Campus is an Indian Education Services company that aims at creating Young Journalists by giving English education for schools through Custom Newsletters, Events & Training. Another service that we offer is we develop mobile applications for companies & educational institutions, making their functioning smoother and easier every step of the way!

The company was launched in 2014 and has successfully created a niche for itself in five fast-growing cities across 200+ client schools so far.

Educate students through Newsletters- But how?

Scribido guide students to take responsibility of publishing newsletters for their schools. There are multiple training sessions during which we teach, train, monitor and test the students and help them improve not just on the lines of written communication and journalism, but also as confident and dynamic individuals.

And we ensure that the kids always have a lot of fun experiences to write about by arranging a variety of events… ranging from formal Journalism Summits with famous Journalists around the globe, to Scribido Premier League, an inter-school Cricket Tournament!

What we aim to achieve from this is simple we want to increase the interaction between the school, teachers and students and create a platform where everyone feels involved in the activities conducted in the school.

These Newsletters work as a catalyst for the students to come out of their shells and take responsibility. They work as coordinators and enablers for other students, eventually creating a community of competent youngsters, ready to take the world with grit and confidence.

2. Numa Wellness (Healthcare / Wellness) / Visit Website

Stevia Nashik

At Numa wellness is an up and coming startup in Nashik, where they are trying to take ayurveda a step further, by eliminating whats not required, and isolating the most potent and useful part of the herb. Thus, Making the herb more effective, which leads to a reduction in the dosage of the medicine.
Their leading product is a stevia extract. Stevia is a completely herbal sugar substitute with zero calories. They claim to make the best tasting stevia available in the market today. Apart from stevia they also make ashwagandha, ginseng and other herbal extracts, which are completely palatable.
Another interesting thing that Numa wellness is doing, is experimenting with Nootropics. Nootropics is a completely new field of substances that enhance human ability both physically and cognitively. Numa wellness is probably the only startup in India working in the controversial field of Nootropics.
Their nootropic ‘Performax’ a cognition enhancement supplement was an instant
hit with a focus group of 35 that tested it a few weeks ago.

3. Wandering Foodie (Food Tourism) Visit Website

culinary tour of khandesh

Wandering Foodie aims to promote regional Indian cuisines and help each region create a distinct food identity. While ‘Indian Food’ is an all encompassing term, the sheer diversity in cultures in different parts of the country makes it mandatory to identify and respect each food culture separately.

Aim of WF is to  explore and bring forth all the wonderful food offerings of India, already famous or yet hidden, in the most authentic way possible. We believe that actually travelling to the place to eat its food is the best way to do so.

But a cuisine is considered to be truly promoted only if it is replicated by the travellers back home. To enable that, they also make locally made ingredients and products available through their shop. Along with traditional recipes and local ingredients, you can even explore these diverse cuisines at your home.

Wandering Foodie Tours:

WF conduct weekend food tours, so you can make the most of a weekend getaway while exploring a new cuisine.

Their approach to local food is not local restaurants. Instead, they seek families who are native to the region, and learn age-old secrets from them. The food you eat as our guest is made by these indigenous people, using indigenous ingredients and techniques, in the freshest way possible.

Apart from just eating, Wandering Foodie’s guests get to experience the complete ‘food culture’ of the place. This includes farm visits, knowledge about local produce, seasonality, food traditions and processes, and more exciting, a chance to learn to cook local dishes of your liking.

And to enable you to focus completely on it, they help with your travel and stay arrangements and make sure you are comfortable throughout the trip.

4. Chai Tapri (Food Chain) / Visit Website


Chai Tapri (loosely translated as Tea Shack) is a typical establishment dotting the Indian rural as well as urban landscape. It is a meeting place for people of all social and economic status to catch up with friends or colleagues and engage in (mostly) animated discussions and conversations about almost all topics under the sun.

This is the place where women wanting a good time out, families with kids, the elderly folks and the youth, can “hang out,” without the poseur mentality of high-end cafe. Chai Tapri is the place for affordable tea and accompaniments and a lot of conversations. It is a place where you can be yourself and indulge in “tea-slurping” without the fear of raised eyebrows.

As people acknowledge, the true taste of tea is enjoyed only at a Chai Tapri!

5. Farm2Kitchen (Retail / Organic / E-commerce) Visit Website

Farm2Kitchen Store

Farm2Kitchen began from a personal need and has gone on to explore the subtleties in the business of organic food. “Over the years, we studied Indian consumers’ behaviour and worked on a strategy that has been a good one so far,” says Seema. Farm2Kitchen offers all organic products—grocery and lifestyle products like organic clothing or cosmetics—through an omni-channel retailing model. The company works with small organic farmers and connects them to consumers in cities.

As a model in tech, they are no different from the BigBaskets of India and the larger player may very well provide organic foods as well, but Farm2Kitchen has been a built on a niche of everything within organic. This has led to a few experiments to spread awareness. “Unless the consumers are connected to ground reality, he/she is not going to consume organic products,” says Anand.



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