Sulafest 16 Sula Vineyards Nashik

2nd Artist Announcement Of The 10th Edition Of SulaFest!


Berlin-based electronica band Jan Blomqvist & Band are sure to give one goose bumps as  the talented Jan creates electronic LIVE music  which will ensure a harmonious hybrid at the 10th edition of SulaFest! The pioneers of Fusion as a rock genre in India, Indian Ocean will also grace SulaFest with their presence after their long break. The band will perform tracks from their upcoming album at SulaFest just before its release! Bit of Both, with their soothing yet groovy music, is perfect for a relaxed afternoon at the vineyard but also for the dance floor – and they are making their way to the rolling hills of Sula too! Touted as ‘One of the Most Fun Indie Acts to Watch Out for’, Ska Vengers are also headed to SulaFest ready to set the Amphiteather stage ablaze with their music as they bring together Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae, Dub, Jazz and Punk mixed with Cuban and Latin influences to create that magic vibe.

The globally renowned, leading duo, Hang Massive from Sweden and the UK is a breakthrough band in the world of hang-based musicians and will be joining the bandwagon to showcase their unique talent at SulaFest. The instrument makes a debut at SulaFest too! Having opened for Grammy Award Winner – Gotye, Your Chin, the solo project of Sky Rabbit fame Raxit Tewari, is also a part of the amazing line-up and will be sharing his

Having opened for Grammy Award Winner – Gotye, Your Chin, the solo project of Sky Rabbit fame Raxit Tewari, is also a part of the amazing line-up and will be sharing his award winning music with SulaFest goers! Also, Tejas

Also, Tejas Belkond of Goa’s underground electronic scene, characterized by an interesting mix of melodies, rhythmic sound, percussion and vocals – is a part of what is known to be the lineup of the year. Ayesha Pramanik known for her mind blowing techno tracks like Lovers Lie and Digging – will be at the vineyards too!

The Fanculos, the five-piece band that plays Ska, Funk and Dubstep along with Donn Bhat – recently awarded the ‘BBC artist of the Month’ on the Bobby Friction Show will be performing at the open air Greek style amphitheater at the festival.

Shaun Moses, who has shared decks with with multiple internationally acclaimed DJs, will also be performing – rest assure some of the tracks from his latest release on Rural Records – at the festival. One can groove into his beats at the Atmasphere stage located admits the vineyards.

SulaFest 2nd Artist Announcement

1. Jan Blomqvist with band (Electronica, Indie) | Germany

2. Indian Ocean (Fusion, Rock) | India

3. Bit of Both (Techno) |  India

4. Ska Vengers (Ska, Rocksteady, Dub, Punk) | India

5. Hang Massive (World) | Sweden and UK

6. Your Chin (Indie, Pop) | India

7. Tejas Belkond (Techno/House) | India

8. Ayesha Pramanik (Techno) | India

9. The Fanculos (Ska, Reggae, Dub) | India

10. Donn Bhat (Folk, Rock, Electro) | India

11. Shaun Moses (Tech/House) |India

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SulaFest – Where the sun never sets!

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