Food Review: Gavkari Hotel, Gangapur Road, Nashik

This place has surely became our top pick for Kolhapuri style food since our first visit . We were accidentally came across this beautiful yet quite moderately maintained place on a rainy night while searching for some wholesome Marathi food joint. And from there it’s a ritual every week to dig in their various dishes.

This place might not attract you in the first glance but believe me they are best at their business. Kolhapuri cuisine is the USP of this place, though you have decent choice of à la carte menu, we would strongly recommend you to stick with their thalis. Loaded with assorted meat preparations and accomplishments their thalis will surely bring end to your carnivorous cravings.
These thalis have one meat curry, which you can choose from chicken/mutton varieties. Egg curry, Kheema, Chapati or bhakri and biryani with Tamda & Pandra rassa, the famous red/white coloured gravies made with meat stock and assorted spices.

Gavkari Kolhapuri Thali Nashik
Gavkari Kolhapuri Thali Nashik

Tamda and Pandra rassa which will be on unlimited supply until you end your meal and they are out of the world they’ll get refill as soon as you ran out of them, without even asking!. We had chicken dry fry in our thali, a preparation of chicken with literally no trace of water and very few spices. They had used a gavthi chicken which is less chewy as compare to broiler and had a distinct taste. Though it was brilliant some may find it too dry.  You can accompany this meal with chapati, bharki or rice as per your preference.

The whole spread was one of the best meal we had in recent times in Nashik.Service was very prompt. Orders took little time to arrive. Prices are moderate the chicken thali we had was priced around 210 Rs. what a perfect steal!  all rest of other menu items are priced between 200-250 Rs.

It was great experience to have such a wholesome food from such a moderate looking place. Looking forward to our next visit soon.


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