River Godavery, Nashik - an albumen photo of a pilgrimage center -1880's

When Nashik trends on Twitter (For good reasons)

Amdist all the mishaps happening around Nashik, few Twitter users from Nashik spent their entire Wednesday afternoon tweeting and spreading awareness about Nashik’s Culture, Heritag and History. This impromptu twitting activity has generated millions of impression on Twitter, a famous Social Networking Platform from all across the world. Started by few active twitter users from Nashik city. This interesting mass twitting activity has done a lot more than any successful PR campaign can do and generated a great vibe of self pride amongst Nashikkars. नाशिक  & महाराज्य   are offical hashtags used during the acitivity.
These tweets were from various topics right from  tourism, famous agri produce of the city, history, food dishes served in Nashik and what not. It all started around 7 AM in the morning and went high until late afternoon. Check out this graph for the numbers.



Well that was something made our day and we hope Nashikkars will keep up this spirit up in the future, When we’re taking your leave, Here are few viral tweets from the trail.



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