Beyond Tattoo Studio Nashik

Beyond Tattoo studio on Tattooing Culture in Nashik

Beyond tattoo studio has over 3 years of professional experience in Tattoo industry and this is evident in the kind of work that beyond tattoo has come to be associated with the artists of beyond tattoo know exactly how best t transfer prominent images and symbols on the human body. Tattoo continues to keep raising the bar on innovation, quality, safety, dependability and customer service.Beyond tattoo runs tattoo making courses which enables you to develop permanent and temporary tattoo designs with practical training sessions which will boost your career as a professional tattoo artist.

Address: Beyond Tattoo Studio, Opposite Tibetian Market, Sharanpur Road, Nashik.

Contact: 9552499551

Brief History of Tattoo

3200 B.C.

Otzi, Who would become the world’s oldest mummy gets a tattoo, about 60 lines and crosses on his lower spine, right knee and ankle joints.

Third Century A.D.

In the late 200, Japanese men are elaborately decorating their bodies.


Captain James Cook sailors into Tahiti and discovers Polynesian tattoo along with the islands word for the art form tatau


Martin Hildbrandt sets up new york’s first tattoo shop on Oak Street in lower Manhattan


New yorker Samuel O’Reilly patents the first electric tattoo machine, a modification of Thomas editions perforating pen.


In one of the first instances of legal trouble for the tattoo world, Charlie Wagner was fined by the city of New York for not sterilizing the needles.


Don Ed Hardy opens realistic tattoo in San Francisco the first custom only, appointment only studio in the U.S.



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