The fourth thing Film Screening in Nashik

Nasihk’s three young friends Yogesh Goverdhane, Pratik padhye and Tejas Rahane dreamed of making a feature film in Nashik and they made it. The film is completed right from the Script to final cut in Nashik and that too with a zero budget.

Their  film ‘THE FOURTH THING’ is about a young IT engineer fade up of Materialistic life who sets on a journey one fine day to find ‘the fourth thing’; The thing that comes after first three basic needs of Food, Shelter and Clothing.

The fourth thing Film
The fourth thing Film

The film stars Tejas Rahane as lead and Priyanka Birari, Muza khan, Amol patil, Amit gosavi, Pranav bhargav, Netraj shirole, Ehsan khan and Mukund pawar as a supporting cast. This 74 minutes short film was shot on weekends with full frame DSLR camera over four months.


‘Vishwas Bank’ and ‘Cinema katta’ will present the first screening of ‘The Fourth thing’ on 3rd December, 2015 at 6.30 pm at Vishwas Residency Club House, Savarkar Nagar, Nashik.


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