Photo essay : “What is your dream?”

“Dream, Dream Dream
Dreams transform into thoughts
And thoughts result in action.”
A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

“The essay is all about the people around you and their dreams; Dreams for life. We have collected some dreams after roaming around the city which will tell you short stories about people and their dreams. Our tribute to Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam on his birthday!

1. Mr, Ramsen(32) and son Himesh

Ramsen and his son Himessh
Ramsen and his son Himessh

Mr. Ramsen moved to Nashik back in 1995 with his family from Rajasthan. He runs a saree shop in Old Nashik (heart of the city).  His dream is to make his shop bigger and famous and to worship god as much as possible and get blessings from god for lifetime!

2. Pratima Dindorkar


A 24-year-old girl from the city wishes to conquer the corporate world. Pratima is staying in Mumabi for her education and says no doubt she has learned a deal about life living in the city like Mumbai but the values that are imbibed in are still of a small town. Pratima says ” I dream to create a Brand in this world that is me and make people trust me with my ideas and value system. My dream is to empower  women of the society. To give them the power to face this world.”

3. Mr shinde (46) Pan stall owner located near godaghat

He’s living with his family  in Nashik from last 5 decades. He open his small pan shop early morning and starts the day after worshiping to god. After asking about his dream he says, “I have seen the life and had many good and bad experiences, hence I want to see peaceful world around me.

4. Rajkumar (71) owner of a sweet shop on dahipul

Rajkumar was oldest guy we asked about dream. He started a sweet shop in Nashik 60 years ago with one pot of curd. He did lot of struggle to get settle and have seen many ups and downs during the his journey of becoming a Sheth. He says with all efforts he did to become successful in his business his all dreams have come true.

5. Shivani (18)

“My dream is to become a dancer (a choreographer), Dance is a source of happiness to me more than a passion” . .

6. A Random Couple from crowd

Unknown couole
This old couple came here from Vaijapur for Kumbh mela. The man says, he and his wife both had many dreams in their life which haven’t turned into reality. They have no child and now the only dreams is worship god and travel across various holy places.

7.  Rajesh dhage (45)

Mr. Rajesh works near Dahipul area in old Nashik and help people around the area in their work. Mr Rajesh is still unmarried, to get married and live happy married life is one of the biggest dream in his life, He says.

8. Kantilal pawar (49)

Mr Kantilal lives with his family at Goda Ghat and works as a “Hamal/Kuli” from long back. he says he was not able to get good education due to lack of money, So his dream to work in a service based company never came true. Mr. Kantilal wants to educate his son well and want to see him working with a big company on a good designation.

9. Shankul (23)

“Dream is to be the best film background musician this country has ever seen.” A drop out engineering student who could be the youngest musician of the city having his own recording studio. Shankul had been a guitar player for many years in local bands in Nashik. His passion about music gave him chance to score music for movies, short films and TV serials.

10. Yogesh kumar bagga (33)

He is a man who came again in India in search of god. After spending some time of his life in Punjab, Mr. Bagga moved to London and started working with a transportation company there. He came in Nashik for experiencing Kumbhmela and will go to kerala for knowing the depth of ayurveda. He says devotion to the god is true meaning of living life and that’s all his dream is all about.


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