Ramzan Food nashik

Ramzan (Ramdan) food around Nashik

As soon as the sun goes down in Nashik small stalls in dudh bazaar lits up to serve Sevayian, Faluda, Firni, Kebab, Biryani to people for Iftar. Usually Iftar meals and traditional dinners are exquisite and elaborate during Ramzan, as people break their long-held fast or Roza. 

It was in Ramzan that the Quran is believed to have been sent down from heaven and revealed to Prophet Muhammad. The 30 days that culminate in Eid are devoted to purifying the soul through prayer and abstaining from negative thoughts. It is mandatory for every Muslim who has attained puberty to observe roza, or fast, from sunrise to sunset. The fast is broken in the evening with iftar, which consists of light snacks, and could include dates, chickpea salad and cut fruits also.

Irrespective of your faith, you are free to join the iftar feast and share one of the most sacred moments in culinary experience.

Where: Dudh Bazar, Old Nashik, Bombay Naka


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