Nashik Entrepreneurs' Forum

Building Sustainable Enterprises (V) by Nashik Entrepreneurs’ Forum

After the immense success of Building Sustainable Enterprises – I, II, III & IV. We move on to our next step in enabling the entrepreneurs in Nashik to have fresh perspectives on disruptive forces which have started to transform the way business gets done and the way businesses survive and grow.
Nashik Entrepreneurs’ Forum is a platform for Entrepreneurs of Tier II city like Nashik to interact with and learn from achievers and contributors to the Society towards enterprise creation, growth and socio-economic development towards building vibrant and sustainable communities.
We have organized Not For Profit event in Nashik called “Building Sustainable Enterprises”. We have held four editions of such events with Dr. Krishna Tanuku of Indian School of Business, Hyderabad and Entrepreneur magazine as the anchors in the past with eminent speakers, entrepreneurs, social impact personalities and policy makers from around the country. We are expecting reputed eminent national speakers and first generation entrepreneurs in various areas to speak at this event.

Nashik Entrepreneurs' Forum
Nashik Entrepreneurs’ Forum
An Initiative By
Sanjay Lodha Ajay Bohora
Major themes of the event
- Entrepreneurs from Tier II cities: The Growth Engine of India Case Studies
- Effective leadership in building shared vision for companies to grow
- Motivational speakers what it takes to deliver?
- Out of the box thinking to start and grow Case Studies
- Branding and Marketing as catalyst for transforming business

What can Participants Expect to Learn from This Event?

  • Elements of building successful enterprises with sustainable growth, strategic thinking coupled with pragmatic execution.
  • Learning about best practices of successful organizations.
  • Learning from successful entrepreneurs on how they approached value creation with fresh perspectives
  • What differentiates successful enterprises from not so successful enterprises.

Date & Venue

Saturday, July 11, 2015 , 8:30 am to 8 pm
Hotel Express Inn, Nashik
Dress Code: Formal
Registration: By Invitation Only

Contact Here:
Phone: 08975684304/08975616375


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