Ruchir Panchakshri at his new gallery

Ruchir Panchakshri: Putting nashik on a global art map

Story of Mr. Ruchir Panchakshri started back in year 2006, A B.Com grad from BYK college with no inclination towards traditional ways out after his commerce degree he opted out for something else even after getting an admission for a MBA course. During graduation he started a small business of making frames with a capital of barely 200 Rs. along with his friends which lasts till his graduation, even after it remains but merely as a hobby. As soon as he opted out from MBA, he spent most of his time in Mumbai particularly at Masjid Bandar wholesale market to find some good which he can sell in Nashik but destiny took him to Pune where he got something called “Namaskar Supari” and he started selling Supari Packets for the profit of 4Rs a packet.

In between all this he used to visit multiple art galleries and exhibitions across India for his keen interest in arts. After realizing about a potential market for wall hanging, frames, and interior accessories  he started making frames in which he already have an expertise. So he set up some stalls at places like temple, outside big bazaar and even on a street. This activity became foundation for Ruchir Art Gallery.

Ruchir art gallery in 2006
Ruchir art gallery in 2006

Ruchir Art Gallery was launched in Nashik in the year 2006 in a small shop on college road with a goal to promote pure Fine Art and at the same time build a conscious art society. Gallery mainly deals in paintings, sculptures, and any form of original art work with an aim at creating market awareness for art through exhibitions, demos, art fairs, and various seminars

Gallery is also involved in selling paintings of upcoming artist from Nashik and all over India.. The innate goal of this endeavour is to give artists with a platform to promote their artwork worldwide. It is vital for an artist, especially the art students and apprentice can able to sell their art in the market, to boost their morale, as well as, support themselves economically in their artistic pursuit. This eventually results in the creation of more meaningful art. Bearing the expenses of art supplies without any financial support is quite difficult and this challenge impedes many upcoming artists. Ruchir Art Gallery ventures to create awareness among artists by conducting market awareness sessions.

A recent initiative started by Ruchir Art Gallery is an Art Residency first of its kind in Nashik, the aim of this residency is to give a peaceful environment to artists for work.

Exhibition by Ruchir Art Gallery At Sanskruti Festival at Sula Vineyards
Exhibition by Ruchir Art Gallery At Sanskruti Festival at Sula Vineyards

Ruchir Art Gallery also conducts various Exhibitions, Events to promote culture of Art in Nashik city. Various eminent artists across Nashik have already collaborating with gallery for creating a new breed of artists across city. Far beyond from where it was started Gallery now operate in Nashik, Mumbai, Delhi and few other cities across India.

Artfest by Ruchir Art Gallery at City Center Mall
Artfest by Ruchir Art Gallery at City Center Mall

For more details reach out to Ruchir Art Gallery here:
Address: 2,Panchganga apt,Behind Nilesh Super Market,Chandak Circle, Nasik (Nashik), India 422009



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