Artistica 2015 Nashik

Artistica: Photography exhibition for amateurs is back.

How it all started

Generally every artist needs a platform to share his work, Exhibitions at prominent art galleries not always economically and technically possible for all individual artists specially amateurs. To solve this problem we started organizing an exhibition here in Nashik where artist can put up their work in some of the well-known and prominent art galleries in the city. Artistica (Name of the exhibition) which is now in its third 3 year, aim to give a launch pad to all amateurs, emerging artists to showcase their skills to wide range of audience and receive appreciation for their hard work. Putting together work of multiple artists allows us to streamline the cost and other preparations which are in case of an individual artist are very high and time-consuming. Until now we’ve showcased work of 150+ artists in last 2 years. Artists send their work to us through our website, and after a selection procedure we show their work in an art gallery. On the last day of our exhibition we reward best artists also to encourage them.

Every artist needs appreciation to keep his work going. But when it comes to showcase their work they have to face many challenges to find a place, to prepare his art pieces, raise funds etc. In all this hustle they might not able to concentrate on their work. So instead we will do all of this things for them and help them to concentrate and come up with amazing work.

For participation,rules and  details please visit :

Artistica 2015 Nashik
Artistica 2015 Nashik

Reason for our initiative:

  • Help struggling artists to showcase their work and to expose people to good art work.
  • We’ve showcased work of more than 150+ artists in last 2 years. And we wanted to increase the number at least by double every year.
  • This can be pretty good event format around the world.

From last couple of years our initiative started getting some amount of traction and artists from all around Nashik and other part of the country are approaching us. To help all those people and to showcase their work we now have to rent out bigger galleries for 4 days in our 3rd edition of exhibition. Since this exhibition is purely done for free (Viewers and Artists don’t pay us fees/tickets to take part in exhibition.)*, there is no way we could raise the finance.

*Artists only pay us money to print photos which is 300 INR/Artist

So we mainly need money for following things…

  1. To rent out a more space in art gallery.
  2. Photo installation, printing & lighting.
  3. Reach out to more artists (Promotional activities).
  4. Money to print out even collaterals and other print material.
  5. Prizes for artists.
  6. Food & Snacks for volunteers during exhibition.

Please support our fund-raising campaign:

For participation,rules and  details please visit :


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