Nizami Kebab at Al Arabian Express Nashik

Food Review: Al Arabian Express, College Road, Nashik

Verdict: Finally the search of best kebab and Arabian food in Nashik is over!
Rating: 4.5/5

Table For Two: 500 Rs.Address:Al Arabian Express, Behind Bigbazar, College Road

Al Arabian Expres used to be a small takeaway outlet with shawarma, kebab and few Lebanese food options. They did not have any seating arrangements until few months ago, so eating on street with your plates in hand and take-aways were the only options. But recently they have started serving food with few table on their premise.

Al Arabian Express serves wide variety food right from kebab to Biryani, Shawarma and Curries.  Succulent meat rolled in Mughali style spices with ghee is their USP. Perfectly roasted moist pieces of all their kebab literally melt in your mouth. You can even get after-taste and flavour of ghee inside every kebab. kebab are served with salad and spicy chatni and mayonnaise. Their signature kebab are Nizami kebab and Banjara kebab and Angara kebab. Apart from Kebab all their Shawarma  with kebab  filling are also pretty decent if we compare it with shawarma’s often served in Nashik.

Nizami Kebab at Al Arabian Express Nashik
Nizami Kebab at Al Arabian Express NashikqNizami Kebab at Al Arabian Express Nashik

Full meal options like Baida Roti, Curries and Biryani are up to the mark and good options for take away. One serving of each of these can easily satisfy hunger of two people. But make sure to try kebab if you are going there for first time. We tried their Biryani and kebab for multiple times and they was literally no variation in taste of both the dishes.

Biryani at Al Arabian Express Nashik
Biryani at Al Arabian Express Nashik

One important tip, make sure you will visit this place early. Usually this place becomes crowdy too early with college going students. So you might have to wait for at least 20-30 min before getting your order. Despite of their slow-ish service they still have retained charm of their food So people don’t mind waiting half an hour for food.

Price Range:

Kebab/Tikka:150-200 INR

Biryani: 220 INR

Shawarma: 150  INR
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