Gifting memories this valentine season

Gifting memories this valentine season

Article by our new guest writer : Fairy Dharawat

There was a time when having candle light dinners and movies meant a romantic night out. Not anymore. Valentine’s Day, a celebration of love now demands personalized romantic gestures of love. But they are not to blame, are they? We are living at a time when our appetite for the newness and the edgy keeps us on our toes. We are the smart phone generation. We are the Millennials.

No wonder there is a gradual shift to the kind of gifts we are choosing to give to our better halves, be it anniversary, birthdays or even valentine. The millennial generation, (born between the years 1980-1995)are spontaneous bunch with quick temperament that has transformed the gifting industry. They no more want the same old. They want to break free from the conventional. They want to try the new.

This trying new has given rise to the experiential gifting industry where experience oriented activities rule. For a generation where eating out and watching movies is the regular thing every other weekend, doing the same on a valentine’s day is considered tedious if not boring. Spending quality time is what they are looking for.

Gifting memories this valentine season
Gifting memories this valentine season

As we talk about spending quality time together, the travelling industry has gained momentum. Millenials like to travel a lot. Over 150 million Indians belong to the Millennial category.And according to a report carried by Ernst &Young, the millenials are self-assured, optimistic, globally connected and a curious lot. They are perfect to try the new and the experiential. Their curious nature makes them a coveted catch for the travelling industry to try them for innovative ideas and experienced oriented activities.

So baking, horseback riding, music festival, wine tasting, hiking, camping, learning ballroom dancing and couple related activities are preferred for their uniqueness and to spend quality time with loved ones on special occasion.

Gifting memories this valentine season
Gifting memories this valentine season

Cashing on this surge of weekend getaway destinations is Spaced Out Spirits – Cupid’s Den, an upcoming romantic themed acoustic music festival, happening in Nashik 14th February Saturday. This considerable shift in preference for gifting short weekend trips has fuelled the gifting industry.

One gets used to contemporary gifting options which for the millennial are not enough. They need something exciting that provides lasting impression and creates memories.And why not?One creates memories only in special occasions. So this valentine’s day, express your love a little differently, the millenials love the new.



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