Soma Vineyards Nashik

Food Review: Culture Kitchen, Soma Vineyards, Nashik

Verdict: Nashik’s first boutique winery overlooking beautiful gangapur dam backwaters, With nice food and collection of wines.

Table For Two: 1500 Rs.
Address:Culture Kitchen, Behind  Beyond Resort, Off Savargaon Road, Nashik

We recently spent some time at newly opened Winery Soma Vineyards, Located near gangapur dam backwaters Soma Vineyards is trying to spread boutique winery culture in Nashik. Boutique Winery – at the most basic level – is a term used for a small winery and vineyard offering the public specialized and handmade wines. We’ve all have been in this kind of stores; They are quaint, small, with a friendly staff to meet all your needs for food and drink. In comparison with the giants of the cellar, they tend to gravitate toward a unique and sincere atmosphere twist.

Soma Vineyards Nashik
Soma Vineyards Nashik

Soma has almost everything a continental restaurant , an amphitheater, private dining and a winery of-course. Soma has inaugurated few months back and they have few batches of their wines available to test. We tested Shiraz, Cabernet Shiraz and paired it with Lamb Biryani to cut through the spices. Sparkling wine of Soma has yet to be launch as they are working with their first batch.

Culture Kitechen , Soma Vineyards Nashik
Culture Kitechen , Soma Vineyards Nashik

Talking about Culture Kitchen, A Continental restaurant in Soma, Culture Kitchen serves array of dishes right from Contemporary Indian and Global Selections to even inhouse bakery! We tried their Indian menu with special recommendations from their staff, Matka Murg , Prawn Vindaloo and Mutton Biryani. Mataka Murg was day special,it was minimally spiced chicken cooked in earthen pot. Vindaloo was, however didn’t tasted right it was totally cooked in tomato gravy in fact raw taste and smell of tomato was still there. Prawns was little raw too. Mutton biryani at the end was great it was cooked in earthen pot like Mataka da murg.

Soma Vineyards Nashik
Soma Vineyards Nashik

After this heavy course of Wines and Food we didn’t have any room for the desserts but, anywaySoma Vineyards and Culture Kitchen need to be on your wish list .


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