Movie Review: Daawat E Ishq Review

Verdict: **

It looks like Yash Raj Films is not ready to leave ‘A Tried and Tested’ formula films. It has been very long since we saw something different like ‘Chak De India’. If they are happy making coming to age ‘Rom-Coms’, it ought to be repetitive. ‘Daawat E Ishq’ is not an exception to it. This film directly sits in the category of ‘Bewakoofiyan’, ‘Shud Desi Romance’ or think of any other film which has one of the protagonist playing games to earn money.

Coming to the film, Change the genders of ‘Ladies vs Ricky Bahl’, add some Lucknow and Hyderabadi Tadka, make leading lady more tom boyish and Voila!, you got ‘Daawat E Ishq’. It is the story of Gulrej ‘Gullu’ Qadir (Parineeti Chopra), a Hyderabadi girl who is fed up of dowry system and derives a plan to use article 498(A) to make a lump of money for achieving her dream of becoming a successful shoe designer. Her father Abdul Qadir (Anupam Kher) is an honest government employee. He agrees to participate in plan reluctantly. For hunting the prey, they choose Lucknow. Tariq ‘Taru’ Haider is a wealthy, less educated, street smart restaurant owner. He quickly falls in love with Gullu and what happens next is to be seen in the film.

Story is predictable that it looks like we are having a déjà vu. The use of Lucknow and Hyderabad is made for giving a Desi touch to the film. Otherwise, this film could have been set anywhere in India. No efforts are put to capture essence of both cities. Accents are done poorly by all the actors which make it worse to bear already tiresome film.

Cinematography is average. Both cities have some great views but we only get to 3-4 locations which falsify the usage of them. Sajid-Wajid have given some good tunes but they are forgettable. All the actors have very to build upon. As story is very limited, we don’t get to see any kind of extra ordinary performances.

Rom-Coms are entirely made for masses. But it is worthless if you are putting brand new body to a 100 year old broken car. The car won’t start if you change the exterior, you have to check engine for the problem. Daawat E Ishq is neither a treat for masses nor classes; more public would love to watch a cookery show based on delicacies of these two places.


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