Independence Day Rally 2014 (Save Bird) by Cruising Godz Club Nashik

Cruising Godz Enfield Riders Club was founded in 2009 for Royal Enfield riding enthusiasts. The club had 3 founder members. The current moderators are Makrand Udawant and Sagar Verma.

From its humble beginnings, the club has grown in size and enthusiasm. The club currently has more than 75 registered members who participate regularly in rides. Besides, the Independence and Republuc Day city rides have more than 130 participants every year.

The club members ride across the length and breadth of our country. Riders have ridden from Rohtang Pass, the highest motorable road in the world to Pondicherry and Mahabalipuram down in South India. The club organizes minimum 1 ride every month. The rides include long distance rides of 3000-5000 kms lasting over 12-20 days, overnight rides to nearby locations such as Daman, day rides, half day rides, breakfast rides, night rides amongst others. The monsoon season affords the opportunity to have off-roading mud rides. The large variety of rides ensures that each type of rider gets an opportunity to fulfill their passion. The regular rides also keeps the adventurous spirit alive.

Event Page (RSVP Here

Crusing Godz Save Bird Rally nashik
Crusing Godz Save Bird Rally nashik

The club is also widely recognized over the years, especially by participating in many large events such as Rider Mania, Gaddha Mania etc. Several rides are organized as joint rides with other clubs including Bisons Ride Hard from Mumbai and Bullet Batallions from Surat.

Cruising Godz has been associated with promoting social causes through its members who come from various walks of life. The Independence and Republic Day rides are always associated with a unique cause. Past causes highlighted and promoted include Women’s Safety, Traffic Rules Promotion, Go Green Campaign amongst others. The Independence Day Ride 2014 is promoting Bird Safety. Also, the club organizes Tree Plantation Drive before every city ride and plants up to 100 trees in each Drive.

Event Page (RSVP Here


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