Explore your personality with CANVAS CAREER

“A musician must make music, an artist must paint, a poet must write, if he is to be ultimately at peace with himself. what a man can be, he must be”

CANVAS  has initiated a 1st step for the students of Std.10th,11th,12th,UG ,PG Students to make students aware about their Personality through Personality assessments powered by CANVAS Team. These Personality assessments are offered for FREE for limited no. of candidates. These assessments are hosted by CANVAS with the support of IIT MATRUSHRI & EXPLORE ACADEMY providing their local support. The Personality Assessments will give an insight about the personality type to the candidates appearing for these assessments. This assessment will help to know the person’s personality potentials, personality type explanation, preferred career options. This will help students how to be GREAT and work on their Personality for their future professional Life.

CANVAS is a young dynamic and non government organization which works for the welfare of the students and parents community.

The need for making INFORMED CAREER decisions has been necessitated by great changes in our society and the world, which has become more complex than ever before. Informed career decisions play an important role in shaping the future of an individual. The changing world economy and business has developed new connections between the nations. This has created new vista of career opportunities demanding specific set of skills. It is a must for a student and his her parents to be aware and make an informed career plan to increase his/her (student)chances of professional &personal success.

CANVAS envision to sensitize student and youth community for their higher education and be specific for their future careers. Nurture and Mentor a world-class Globalized citizens of tomorrow, who will be the change makers of fair & free world ;where people can travel, where children can eat, have clothes to wear and have shoes on their feet and will not be afraid when they walk on the streets. Freedom to live, to learn & to play. To just be YOURSELF & think in your own way.

Students have to register their names for FREE PERSONALITY ASSESSMENTS. Student can attend these assessments at their convenient centers at GANGAPUR ROAD, INDIRA NAGAR and NASIK ROAD.


Last Date of Registration: 26th June 2014.

Contact No. for registration: 9860558896 / 8888133378 / 8983378378

Date and Venue of Test:

  1. 28th June 2014- IIT MATRUSHRI,Plot-25,opp.zhilla parishad colony, Sant Charvak Chowk,Indira Nagar,Nasik.
  2. 29th June 2014-Explore Academy, C/o Jack n Jill,Beside Jain Mandir, Artillery centre road, Behind Anuradha Theatre, Nasik Road,Nasik.
  3. 29th June 2014- IIT MATRUSHRI, Sea Woods, Above Mahindra Finance,Old Gangapur Naka, Gangapur road,Nasik.





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