Mitravihar Bread Omelette

Food Review: Mitravihar Canteen

There are lots of hidden gems in street food culture of every city, usually lost in glitz and glamour of modern-day eat outs these places serves awesome food at pocket friendly prices and mainly cater to Aam Janta. These kind of places are present here for couple of decades but their existence remains really unknown. Nashik is no exception for this and we have array of places serving scrumptious food almost on every famous street.

Mitravihar Canteen Nashik
Mitravihar Canteen Nashik



Today we’re going to talk about place that most of the people are really unaware about, though you pass in front of the place everyday we bet haven’t been  there  yet. Tucked in a shady sideways of an apartment near Mehar Signal “Mitravihar Canteen” is small stall, They serves Bread Omelette, Half Fry, Sandwiches and typical Indian beverages like Tea,Lassi and Buttermilk. But the main attraction of the “Mitravihar Canteen” is Bread Omelette, nicely made omelette is packed in slices of toast bread and topping of generous butter. We had tasted bread omelette in various cities but this has to the king of all of them, The amount of butter goes for a single serving of bread omelette is literally enormous.

Mitravihar Canteen Nashik
Bread Omelette at Mitravihar Canteen Nashik

Along with the bread omelette you can have half fry and veg sandwiches the menu is very short and straight to the point. If you paired your sandwich with any of the beverages it can be turned into a complete breakfast meal. Every item here is pocket friendly and under Rs. 30. So make sure when you’ll pass out from Mehar Signal to Ashokstambh take a stop here.

Address: Mitravihar Canteen, Near Mehar Signal, Ashokstambh, Nashik.

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