The Spa at Sula Vineyards Nashik

Pamper your Body and Soul at “The Spa” in Sula Beyond Resort

 A red wine body scrub? Check, Deep Tissue Message With Grape Seed Oil? Check. Spa at Sula’s Beyond resort is all set to  unwind & unplug you.Red wine therapy, red wine bath, therapy with grape seed oil are a list for few exclusive  Vino Therapy, theses therapies are only available at The Spa at Sula Beyond Resort. Vino therapy is a term used to describe spa treatments that use wine and grape related products for healing.These are good anti-oxidants which are good for your skin.

The Spa at Sula Vineyards Nashik
The Spa at Sula Vineyards Nashik

Spa is a retreat where you pull out all the worries and fears do not have to think about the following and do not hesitate to sit back and relax on all complete. This is done with the stimulation and rest all your five senses. This is when you de-stress with sink in the tranquil spa environment to begin with. With the help of the therapeutic therapies to relax more and begin to go by himself to let. Both physical and mental stress begins to fade. Since you are completely immersed in the experience, it tends to solve deep-seated tension in both muscles and mind. Soon you are going to drift into an emotional experience. And this is the way to completely eliminate stress. In order to express this experience is really very important that your stay spa is completely smooth with more sense of luxury and pampering. For this entire blissful process you need well-trained staff and attention to detail which is both present here at The Spa at Sula Beyond Resort. So don’t wait pick up your phone and book your appointment now.

All the treatment are available for Couples and singles format. Walk ins also allowed but prior appointment is advisable to avoid wait time. You don’t need resort booking for Spa treatments you can directly take appointment for spa.

Name: Sula Spa at Beyond Vineyard Resort

Timings: 8am to 8pm

Location: Beyond Vineyards

Contact number for appointment: 7875555730


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